About Me

I write in an attempt to support those suffering in silence at the hands of an abuser or after an attack.  My mission is to offer them hope and empower them to become survivors.

Nenia Corcoran has been a police officer in for nearly a decade.  In addition to being one of only a few female police officers in her area, Nenia broke the gender barrier by becoming a certified SWAT operator.  She strives to be a positive role model for the younger females in her community.

She became a survivor of a sexual assault while in college. It took her many years to finally cope with this trauma.  She then struggled to end an emotionally abusive marriage.

Nenia has made it her mission to reach other women who may be silently suffering in similar situations. Through her writing, she shows support and spreads hope to those who may be silently suffering at the hands of a partner.

When not in uniform, Nenia enjoys challenging herself to become stronger.  As a competitive Crossfit athlete and former bodybuilder, Nenia spends a lot of time working on her physical fitness.  To strengthen her mind, she is currently working on her second Master’s Degree.

The opinions shared on this site are my own and do not represent any police agency.  The knowledge I share here is based on my training and experience.