As An Author

In 2011, Nenia graduated from Framingham State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a concentration in writing. She dreamed of working for a literary agency, but was reluctant to move to a bustling city.

In 2012, Nenia took the oath to become a police officer, but never gave up her dreams of becoming an author. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Master’s Degree in English with a concentration in writing in 2017.

Nenia wrote her first novel during NaNoWriMo 2018. She quickly determined this novel to be completely awful, but she learned some valuable lessons from the writing process.

Pandemic Grad Photo

In 2020, admist the COVID-19 pandemic, Nenia earned her Masters of Fine Arts in creative writing, the terminal creative writing degree.

She has since written what she hopes will be her debut novel, HE LOVES ME NOT, which she is actively seeking representation for.